Juni 15, 2017

Lesson Learn

16 June 2017

People struggling. They struggle their own problem.
There are an old couple who just get married. Each has past. And they are dealing their own. 
There are a young couple, who actually love themselves better than each other. They are struggling to find the meaning of their relationship
There are a religious couple, which one of them feel bored to be the one that dependable by the family, and looking for somewhere else better
There are also the ‘not actually’ couple, who tried to evacuate their relationship.
Many has THEIRS! I have mine. What do I conclude from here???
The more I blessed my life,, the more this life is giving me His blessing. I should’ve learn from my surrounding, that a lesson is not learn behind the desk you have to open your eyes, open your mind, and try to figure what kind of lesson you can learn today.

Mine today is:

“Marriage is a battle to win. There are no way back. You are loose if you did. But to wins it, you have to loose in many things; your EGO is one of them”