Juni 07, 2011

Sit Back and Relax

Sometimes people needs to sit back and relaxs...forget their burden and don't think of their problem, enjoy life!

setelah peristiwa bentak membentak, pindahan dan peristiwa status kemarin ini, gw berusaha untuk memblocked pikiran gw dari hal2 negatif. I may not refer my self as a jerk and a selfish as* Hole, but I do now where I stand, and do have guts to tell myself it is not completely my faults.

gw ga pernah mau bener2 mengingat apa yg menjadi core masalah dr semua ini. awalnya hanya sepotong status yg sangat menyakitkan hati...gw berusaha untuk diam dan ngalah, tapi semakin menjadi lah mereka seolah I wasn't there at all to witness everything their laughing at, their praying at, hanya untuk menyindir gw. oke lets say gw ga kesindir, but they were really try to make me even angrier by removing me from their friendlist. and can you guess what?? they in here is refer to my sister in law...what a terrific family.

I was being such a jerk I may confess...
after 2 weeks without solution, I made really damn annoying status to pay them back. are they angry? of course...like I told before the one who can hold their anger and only think that I can't do the same nasty things like them is only ME, not them. they called me, yelled at me, send me an annoying text, and voila, thats making me realize they don't worth it after all. so I get rid of them through my day, I demolished my last anger by keeping my promise, taht I would never pay any attention nor finished and find the solution of this situation anymore. it is not worth to try...


well, I never thought my self as the greatest person ever, but I do guarantee, I would never hurt anyone's feeling especially family. when I do HAVE to do that, is only a pay back from what they do to me. glad is over now... so I can sit back and relaxs ^_^

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