Maret 13, 2012

Treat other people right to be treated right

Ever since I’m joining this company I was making so many changing to my life. I risk my chances to have another baby because I might get too tired to breed one. I lost almost my quality time to play one simple game with my baby because i was stuck at the traffic jam. look what I have for the pain I had:

After some silly incident that making one of head of dept do me his silent treatment for only-God-knows-why-? Now, there are another one who did almost the same behavior to me, ironically he was the same person I ask ever inches of information I need to gain here in my new office. He help me figure out many things, and now I barely don’t know what’s wrong I did so I deserve such kind of behavior.

Starting days a go,
He had some problem with some system (which I don't know what), after that he did the silent treatment to all the people on the system. Me, my colleague workers, and my boss, just because us is in the same system that he hates! How cleaver and mature behavior he had.
I manage myself to confirm to him about this matter. What he said was surprising: “I don’t hate you (yes! You don’t, off course, but by the way, you just don’t want to talk to me anymore for no reason) it might be because you are a part of it, so making me confused how to treat you (what the hell!!)” 
Today is the 3rd day I gave no attention on his filthy behavior. I can tolerate everything but accusing  me for doing mistakes and punished me for something I didn’t do? Man…that’s beyond my reach! you know what the best part on it.....?
he is 31 Years OLD !!!!
How exactly match his age with the behavior he had.

"I thought I was working in a quite decent company that a mature people trying to gather the idea to achieve something, I was wrong. This is the kindergarten with no teacher on it"

-Disappointed Worried Me-

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